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Our first university project this year was based on a time span of 123 years. So I decided to focus on generations based on my own family. The first image is of my great great granddad, the second is my great grandma, then there’s my grandma and finally my dad. What do you think each image says about them?

Recently I’ve been reading some philosophy to find inspiration for my comic work and I came across this really interesting topic about Love. Roman Krznaric explains in his talk that love is not just one type of feeling but that there are different variations of Love, which many of us have experienced. I would be interested to know what your thoughts are?

During the weekend me and Jacek went on a trip to the Achill island. We thought it would be nice to spend some time away before I was going back to London. Even though none of these photographs show the beautiful island we went to, I quite liked this serie of black and white photographs I took. We stopped in a small village on the way and as usual my honey just had to fish haha. It was interesting catching him in action :)

I must say I felt ridiculous walking into the post office with this package today, the guy behind the counter even gave me an odd look. I just knew that was going to happen haha. But it feels good to have finally sent off my summer project. To see the summer project please click here


I’m very happy to have finished my first stopmotion project, the movie called the Fish. While I realize it has some flaws I still hope you will enjoy it. However, I have to say that my animation does not do the music justice.

The music was created by my lovely partner who is currently in a band called The Stoles, their music show a blend of 60s glamour and 80s post-punk vigour with the psychedelic obscurity, early grunge authenticity, melodic and instantly recognizable. If this is your sort of thing, check them out at The Stoles

Changing My tumblr a bit

I’ve decided to move all my art related stuff to a new Blog called I will only be using this space for all the other stuff I usually post, such as photos, videos,  thoughts and ideas.


The Stoles - Protest song official video (by The Stoles)



Idiot Heart has just updated, to read more click here

Just finished creating this video, been meaning to do one ever since Christmas but never had time until now :(

I kno most of you are not in a Christmas mood but I still hope you’ll enjoy this video.

In regards to the music, this is by a band called Fred - The life behind.

You can check more of their stuff out on